Destination Wedding or Local Wedding - The Big Debate


14 January 2019

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Destination Wedding or Local Wedding – The Big Debate

Destination Wedding or Local Wedding?

Making this choice is probably something you will experience a lot through the wedding planning process. Making a choice between having a local wedding or a Destination Wedding  is perhaps one of the most important decisions as it sets the framework for how you need to go ahead with your wedding planning. Choosing between either has its pros and cons and there are a couple of ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions you can ask yourself to assist you with making the right choice.

Your guest list

Destination Wedding or Local Wedding | Guest List Manager by The Wedding Co.

Guest List Manager by The Wedding Co.


Your wedding could be an ‘either – or’ affair. Either your family has been waiting for this day in which case they would probably want any and everyone they know to be there to shower their blessing and be a part of the celebrations.

Or your family and friends are so used to the idea of you both being a couple that getting married is a just a legality and therefore the wedding will be a small affair with family and a few close friends. If you can tell which scenario best describes you, then you definitely know with the first a Local Wedding would be more appropriate and with the second a Destination Wedding.


Destination Wedding or Local Wedding Budget Planning Infographic | The Wedding Co.

A breakdown of how much to spend at your wedding by The Knot. | The Wedding Co.


Wedding budgets play a large part in determining how extravagant your wedding will be. A Destination Wedding would perhaps call for a lot more splurging than a Local Wedding considering most guests now days expect hospitality in the form of lodging charges covered or  an all meal inclusive package on their stay. On the other hand, a Local Wedding would mean majority of your guests managing their own stay and the only aspects you deal with are the wedding functions itself. But do remember the flip side to this means having a lot more invitees turn up as the wedding is taking place in the city.

Access to vendors

Perhaps the most important part of any wedding is the availability and coordination of vendors. Having access to a professional wedding planner who manages this for you helps ease the stress. In some cases the resorts have a list of local vendors which might be handy. Being able to work with a vendor at a Destination Wedding on your own might be a bit of a gamble considering your lack of knowledge on the place or the quality of work produced but in the case of a Local wedding planner, you have references and a body of work to go by.

Style your Wedding 

Destination Wedding or Local Wedding Blog | Style your Wedding Pic by The Wedding Co.

Style your wedding | The Wedding Co.

It is a big day and more importantly it is your day. Your theme might reflect your love story or it might reflect the wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Having said that it is important to understand whether you are looking at a set up that is traditional or contemporary. While a Destination Wedding will be apt for a stylish modern day set up, considering most hotels are up-to-date with modern themes, a local wedding would be a preferable choice if you are looking at something more traditional. Do remember arranging for artists – be it an Entertainment, Makeup artist etc – is something that plays a key role in determining your look and the feel of the wedding.

Time Frame

Time as always remains a crucial factor. If the date for your wedding has been fixed much before time, a Destination Wedding works well as it gives you ample time to make a few trips to finalize the arrangements. But if time remains an issue, then a Local Wedding seems more apt as it allows you to work within the confines of your current schedule without having to account for travel time to another city.

Couples must remember that a choice of either one does not mean settling in for something because the other seems unattainable but because it is the most appropriate way forward after answering the questions above.

If you cant decide, give us a call, we would be happy to help!

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(About the author : Coming with 15 years of experience in event management, Kabir knows of every little detail of planning that goes into making an event a successful one.
Having learnt this art of managing big events from the mother company Pegasus, Kabir applies the same knowledge in making weddings big, spectacular and glamourous! )


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