4 great wedding movies for the weekend movie binge!

We all love the weekend movie binge, and more often than not it is the feel good factor in movies which make us watch them.


We have all seen the famous Badrinath ki Dulhaniya’s and Band Bajaa baraats.


How about we try something new, we found some great foreign language wedding movies which would be a good watch over the weekend including one we all know!


Serial (Bad) Weddings – French Movie – Comedy – Subtitles Available


A Catholic couple from France has their life turned upside down when their four daughters marry men from different races and religions.



The Syrian Bride – Arabic – Drama – Subtitles Available


Mona (Clara Khoury), a Druze bride-to-be, lives in a village on the border of Israel and Syria. Her father, political leader Hammed (Makram J. Khoury), wants her to marry a Syrian comedian, but her move to Syria would likely be a permanent one, considering the political unrest between the two countries. The wedding planning is a nightmare, and tensions are high — especially when Mona’s siblings, who have moved on to new countries and complicated relationships, come home before the big day.



THE WEDDING CAMPAIGN – Korean – Comedy – Subtitles Available


Wedding Campaign is South Korean film about two aging bachelor farmers. Unable to find wives in Korea willing to move to the countryside, they go on a 10-day “campaign” in Uzbekistan, where local matchmakers attempt to pair them up with local ethnic Korean Women.



FATHER OF THE BRIDE – English (Duh) – Comedy – Subtitles Available. 

This one we all know 😀 George Banks leads the perfect life with his wife, daughter and son. When Annie, his daughter, decides to get married, he has a hard time letting go of her.




Here is wishing you a great weekend! 🙂

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